CHSN: College Apps

Ever since I can remember, people have always asked me where I want to go college, what I want to study in college, what I want to be when I grow up. But I really don’t know. I’m always that awkward person who says “I don’t know. I mean I’m considering… but I’m still looking around.” Then I just get disappointed faces. I mean, I’m about to be senior, the CommonApp has been opened since August 1, and I still don’t know where I’m applying.

The schools within a 20 minutes of me are really great and all, but I’m ready to go out of state. I’m ready for a new life, away from everyone here. I’m ready to explore. My only obstacle is my college profile. With average test scores, I cannot compare to other students who are applying to colleges. All my friends have been stressed out over college applications, and I’ve spent my last summer days, cooped up in my room, doing nothing but eat Starbursts and talk to my friends. Meanwhile my friends, juniors even, have been visiting colleges, and figuring out what they want to do, some have even gotten accepted to college. ACCEPTED. And here I am, with a list of 3 colleges, 2 of them, my safety schools.

Part of the reason why I haven’t started is fear. I’m scared, honestly. I’m not ready to apply to colleges, not ready to receive that rejection letter from my dream school. But I’m ready for college. I just want to skip all the applications, and go to college, like many of my friends are this week. So the other night, I took some time to finalize the list of colleges I’m applying to. And now I have seven.

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