DIY: Lace Collar Necklace Tutorial

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So recently there’s been a huge spazz over collar necklaces. Now you don’t have to buy a shirt with a collar :D You can just put on a shirt and then put on this artsy necklace.

Actually my first inspiration for this DIY project was from Instagram (my username is @hmisssunshine). It’s actually really easy and only took an hour of my time, a majority of it taken sewing a yarn outline to keep the lace from unraveling o^-^o

Oh. Also, I just discovered Spotify. Beforehand, it was just the annoying thing that kept showing in my Facebook live feed. But now I listen to it nonstop. It’s like iTunes but without the constant buying of songs. If you upgrade to premium you don’t have ads and you can do an offline mode thing to your playlists, which you can choose songs to put in, unlike Pandora Radio. I think on the regular free version you only have certain times you can play a song or a certain number of songs you can play a month. Idk. But I kind of wonder what will happen to Pandora D: Enough blabber. Download it here! You can also the app.

Lace Collar Necklace Tutorial

-Lace (I found a lace tablecloth in my scrap pile)
-White yarn
-Silver chain
-Wire cutters
-Jewelry Clasp
-Scrap paper
-Needle and white thread
-Pearls (optional)


1. Cut out the basic shapes of your lace collar in the scrap paper (I folded a sheet in half and drew one shape so when I cut it out it formed two of the exact same shapes). Try it on a few times to see if it fits around your neck. Adjust if necessary. Then, trace and cut the lace to the same shapes.
2. Sew the inner ends together to form a collar.
3. Cut enough chain to fit around your neck. Leave a little at the end in case you’re wearing a lower-cut shirt! At the ends, attach the clasp. Then, attach the ends of the chain to holes at the outer ends of the two shapes.
4. Start sewing the yarn to the end of the collar to prevent the lace from fraying. I just sewed the outer side because I was too lazy to sew the inner side lol. Anyways, the best way to sew would be all the way around the yarn instead of trying to stick the needle in the middle of the yarn and going through the holes in the lace. Mine turned out a little bad in the beginning but then I got better! So practice makes perfect.
5. [OPTIONAL] You can sew some pearls onto the end. I wanted to make my collar necklace heavier so it wouldn’t just blow all over the place when it was windy.
6.And you’re FINALLY done. Yay! Wear it with a regular plain colored tee or with a dress that needs some spicing up. I think I’m going to try to crochet a wire and bead one soon because I’m in love with this trend. I hope it stays for a while.

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