Design: Background on This Blog’s Drawings

Picture this.
You’re in a high school classroom. There’s the nerd who always raises his hand. There’s the jock who always leans his chair back onto the desk of the person sitting behind him. There’s the theater girl who is twirling her pink-dyed hair around her finger. And there’s that small socially awkward person who is doodling all over her binder.
Figured out which is me? Yeah. The nerd. Oh yeah and also the small socially awkward person. I’m kind of a…combination. The most BA I can be in class is finishing classwork early and doodling on scrap sheets of paper.
Which brings me to my point: I LIKE DOODLING. That’s why this blog is filled with doodles. I usually just go straight ahead and use a Sharpie or ink pen to draw because my art teacher always told me to BE CONFIDENT in my work even if I wasn’t confident at all socially.
Now that’s awkward.

Anyways, I really wanted to incorporate the overall, uh, cuteness of this blog through my doodles, so I decided to leave mouths off of the people that are supposed to represent eves and me. After all we’re already super big fans of food and there’s no need for our web people to go around eating extra stuff to exercise off later. I usually take out an ice cream cone or something and then promise myself that I’ll jump rope 200 more times and do 3x more reps of ab exercises to burn it all off but then it’s like. No. I want to eat my ice cream laying down on my bed while listening to music. And then music gets super relaxing and I tell myself that it would be okay just to lay there a little bit more…and then I’m asleep and napping and don’t wake up until later. Then I have to eat dinner and of course I can’t exercise right before because it ruins my appetite and wow. I really get side-tracked. See this is why I try to convey my feelings through doodles because even if I get side-tracked through doodling it still kind of makes sense. See this is the super great reason why eves and I work well together. If you want to read some amazingly focused intense stuff, you go read her stuff. If you want to read blabber, you come read my stuff. End of story.

We decided to split this blog into “series-es” (I still can’t figure out if “series” is both singular and plural at the same time, so sorry about that) because we both represent a whole combination of different interests. And plus I really wanted to design banners for each series.
Each of the doodle thingies are hand-drawn because I have no idea how to even design anything on the computer. The pictures above sort of show my process. I’m kind of glad I used lightbulbs instead of brains (sister’s idea!) because actually now that I think about it, it’s kind of gross. What the heck is a brain tree and why did I even name this blog “on a brain tree” anyways? I have no idea. Actually thinking back I think it was actually because I was reading a book and the word “braintree” popped out at me. Of course, due to short term memory loss, I don’t remember what book I was reading.

And we also have the weirdest conversations too, eves and me. I don’t know if you’ve visited our list of series-es page, but there’s some examples. I think you can kind of see that I’m immature at times. But believe me sometimes I feel like I’m mom-ing eves. I’m always the one that’s like “take a step back and assess the situation” (done with a serious expression and bobbing of the head) and she’s like “I know I should do that but what the heck” except more eloquently because she’s eloquent like that. She would probably say something like “I know I should give the matter more thought but my heart is telling me where to go and I think I’m going to take this chance and follow it.”
Okay I’m going to try to stay on track for the last paragraph to say that I really wanted to use watercolor for the logo but my sister…lost the brush. So I actually used Q-tips to watercolor-paint the logo. I don’t know if it looks like it…but it turned out okay I think. Some of the other drawings on the blog are colored with oil pastels. I realllyy love the texture of oil pastels. Oh. Also in case you’re wondering, the one with the braid is me and the one with the cute little ponytail is eves. Actually when I was drawing I wasn’t really thinking about who was who (truth is we both have short-ish hair right now because we both got it cut this year). But after I showed her the logo, eves asked me who was who and when I said I didn’t know, she said, “Well, my hair can’t braid that way…” and thus it was decided. I’m going to end this rambling blog post with a conversation I had with her recently:

eves: so i just started writing something else too and i realized just how intense and stuff my thoughts are. i need to work on writing more lighthearted stuff
me: haha. i feel like my thoughts are intense but i can’t express them in words.
eves: just start writing whatever comes to mind.
me: most of my intense thoughts into words is OH SH*T or something equally elegant
eves: and then it starts to flow
me: i try.
eves: lololol classy
me: quote of the day–“like is when you know the best side of someone and like it. love is when you know the worst side of someone and still love them for it.” so cheesy lol
eves: aww i love cheesy stuff
me: i don’t.
eves: i’m hungry.

-hils :)
This post is part of a series of posts called Artistic Inclinations.


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