TOL: Thoughts on Achieving Goals

Life is a constant struggle, a constant competition.   We do nothing but work hard to achieve our goals, but once we do actually achieve them, are we truly happy?  I think not.  Upon achieving our goals, we have nothing to work towards, no purpose in life.  Therefore, we come up with a new goal to work towards and kill ourselves in the process of achieving it.  It’s an endless cycle, isn’t it?  In the end, does all of our hard work actually pay off?

As a high school student, life is an uphill battle.  There is a never-ending stack of worksheets to do, books to read, and tests to study for.  Then there are all of the extracurricular activities one must take on to seem “well-rounded” for colleges.  On top of all that, being a teenager absolutely sucks.  You get a tiny taste of freedom, but you’re still mostly under the control of your parents.  You feel everything much more acutely, especially insecurity.  But insecurity is completely understandable; this is the time when we are all trying to figure out exactly who we are and exactly where we’re going.

Anyways, back to my point before.  I’m always struggling and fighting to finish everything I need to get done.  But is it worth it?  My goal right now is to get into a good college, but does that guarantee success and happiness?  I think that is a huge fear of mine: what if I am working my butt off right now, but ultimately, I am a failure?  I will have spent my entire life working hard and never will have taken the time to just enjoy life.  Or is working hard the same thing as enjoying life?  Maybe once we reach our goals, we’re no longer happy.  Perhaps that is the reason why no one is ever truly content.  We always want something new and we’re never happy with what we already have.  And I don’t think a person who has everything will be happy either.  Why are humans so self-contradictory?

Maybe the secret to being happy is knowing that no one will ever be completely happy.  Instead of burying our heads in work and trying to achieve goals in order to gain happiness, maybe we should just take life as it is and enjoy it.

This post is part of a series of posts called Thoughts on Life.


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