omg food: Mickey Mouse Cake

Before I went over to eves’ house, I had the most adorable cake ever.

I was at home and my sister had gone out to hang out with her friends, coming home with this Mickey Mouse Cake. Just look at it. :”3
Anyways, I was doing summer homework when my sister comes home and basically killed the doorbell. It was a rainy day so I was really in a tired mood. I walked slowly downstairs and opened the door, only to have the door fly open and my sister shouting unintelligable phrases at me. I discerned the following:

her: WHY ARE YOU SO FRIKKIN ANNOYING?! I was waiting outside for like ten minutes (only one in reality) and my cake was getting soaked and oh my gosh. You’re so annoying and so slow. Like seriously?! The top of my cake used to be fluffy and now it’s all unfluffy and UGHH. Why do you walk so slow?! YOU’RE SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: *still sleepy* gurrggggggg.

Yeah. But then I think she felt kind of bad for yelling at me so she let me choose the first piece. I lovveee Twizzlers so I chose the one with the little cheek blush thing.

Mickey looked more and more disgruntled as my piece was cut out. I would feel the same way if the same thing was happening to me.

But when I put it in my mouth…mm. It was heavenly. It had pineapple slices inside and the juice had soaked into the cake and mm. Heaven. I’llprobablyregretthislaterbutI’llexerciseitofflaterbut for now, I’ll just enjoy the cake.
Sadly when I came home today, there was no more. :(

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2 thoughts on “omg food: Mickey Mouse Cake

    • thank you! i didn’t want to eat it because i thought it was so adorable…but then it tasted so good that i didn’t feel bad :)

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