DIY: T-shirt to Racerback Tank

So I saw that someone searched on our blog “how to cut up tshirt.” So I decided to make a tutorial on how to turn your boring, ordinary t-shirt into a nice racerback tank.

Here’s my t-shirt: my Taylor Swift concert shirt from her Speak Now tour. “Drop everything now/meet me in the pouring rain/kiss me on the sidewalk/take a way the pain.” Haha. I love Tswizzle. Anyways, I was tired of the boring old t-shirt design so I decided to cut it up.

First, I took a tank top that worked: my New York and Co. sequined tank (oh my gosh, I love that tank) and placed it on top of the t-shirt.

Then I used a piece of sidewalk chalk (you can buy special fabric chalk at the store but heck, I just like using what I have around the house) to trace out the arm holes.

After that, I used my trusty safety scissors and cut it all out. There you go. Just cut it. Make sure you hold the sleeves together so it doesn’t make jagged edges. But even if you do accidently make jagged edges, just smooth it out by cutting them out afterwards.

So now it’s time to cut the neck hole. I wanted mine to be taller in the back and lower in the front, like my sequined tank here, so I approximately estimated how low the front of the NY&C tank was and drew a rough sketch onto my shirt. Then, I made sure only to cut the front part.

And then I just kind of cut the back as a straight-ish line from one cut end to the other.

Okay. I’m liking this influx of pictures. Whenever I’m using an online tutorial I always wish there were more pictures. Continuing on, I then cut a strip from one of my cut-off arm sleeves. I stretched it out.

I took the back of the shirt, scrunched it together (sorry to any states that I offended and got scrunched up), and tied it securely with a triple knot in the inside.

Last of all, I kind of stretched out the cut out arm holes (only slightly!) and the collar. You can cut the bottom off if you want to, but I liked the length and so didn’t want to chance it.

Hope you liked this tutorial. I’ll be cutting up more t-shirts later and will most definitely post more. So you can choose from more than just a racerback tank, no matter how much I like them. And I just saw that I never used a smiley-face in this tutorial. And I didn’t blabber at all! Applause! But I have to use my smiley-face:) Otherwise it doesn’t seem like I have any expression when I’m writing this.

Oh gosh darn it whenever I’m typing “DIY” I always type “DIU” because the “u” is right next to the “i.”

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2 thoughts on “DIY: T-shirt to Racerback Tank

    • thank you! and it was the opposite for me. the fearless tour was sold out but I ordered way ahead of time for speak now. and thanks for stopping by! I adore your blog.

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