omg food: Southern Chocolate Pie

There is literally nothing to eat in my pantry. I just cleaned it out yesterday (sparking my dust allergies, NOT a fun image of me on Benadryl). So we picked up some ingredients to make this chocolate pie.

Some things I did differently: I used 2% Horizon Organic milk instead of evaporated milk because I thought there was enough sugar in the recipe already (and I didn’t feel like buying evaporated milk) and subsituted margarine for butter.

Some things I would’ve done differently: I would’ve beat the whole mixture off of the stove first because the eggs/milk mixture didn’t fully mix by the time the bottom got hot, so some of the dry mixture got stuck to the bottom of the saucepan, and since I was worried it would burn, I took the filling off before it got completely burnt at the bottom. So my pie turned out a bit gooey-er than normal, but it’s still heavenly, just a bit messier to eat :) I also would’ve spread the meringue neater…except I don’t really know how. It’s kinda hard to do over this goopy chocolate filling, but at least I got the whole thing covered. I probably would’ve also made a bit more because I felt like the layer was kinda thin.

I ate pie for breakfast today. Be jealous of my Little Mermaid plate.

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