DIY: Gift Card Guitar Pick

When I first bought my guitar, the cheap side of me came through and I thought, “I don’t want to spend that much money on a nice guitar pick when I can just have this cute cheap one!” So I bought that one.

And it sucks. Whenever I try strumming, it slows me down and doesn’t have such a rich sound. I needed a nice guitar pick, but I still didn’t want to get an expensive one. One day, I took out my wallet and saw…my old iTunes gift cards that I had already used up. The card material was exactly the stiffness that I needed for my guitar pick.

Materials: sandpaper, guitar pick, tape, gift card, scissors

1. Tape the guitar pick to the gift card.

2. Cut out the general shape. It’s okay if it’s not perfect.

3. Sandpaper the edges.

4. [OPTIONAL] You can sandpaper the surface to make it look rugged :)

5. You can also sandpaper off the back to draw stuff…

Okay so I totally looked at the guitar pick and saw that it looked like the brain tree. Therefore…inspiration!


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