DIY: Eraser Stamps

My friend gave me an amazing eraser from Japan…but when I saw it, I didn’t really want to use it as an eraser.

Okay. Super easy materials. A notebook for planning (like my Spongebob notebook? :D), a pencil for drawing, an eraser, and this carving tool. You know those $1 engraving things at A.C. Moore? Yeah, I used one of those. It’s easier to shape what you want than, for example, an Exo knife. And plus you can use it over and over again for stamps and it’s so cheap! I love it.

First, plan out your design in your super awesome notebook. My “symbol” is a sun, and I always put it behind my name. So yeah. I wanted to do a sun. Even though it’s a super simple design, I still wanted to plan out a nice one.

Next, draw the design on your eraser. I cut my eraser in half because the sun wouldn’t take that much of it anyways. I started using the engraving tool to carve out the eraser in between the lines.

Here’s my eraser and all the excess.

I didn’t have any stamp pads around, so I used a large sponge brush and painted it with yellow acrylic paint. What do you think?

This post is part of a series of posts called DIY.


what do you think?

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