DIY: Keychain Necklace

This will have to be the easiest DIY ever. I am ashamed of myself for not seeing it before. All you need is a keychain, some chain, end clasps (if the chain doesn’t have it already), jewelry pliers, and an attachment ring (I forgot what it was called). Make sure your chain matches your keychain.

Mine was a keychain from a Macau casino. It had gone through the laundry once so it looks slightly vintage-fied. I bought gold to match the dice.

First of all, take your keychain and detach the charm from the rings.

Take an attachment ring and open it with the pliers, attaching it to the chain and the charm.

Tada! I love it much better as a necklace than a keychain. Plus I can show it off more:)

Here I’m wearing it with a mesh white top. I was thinking of starting an Outfit of the Day series. What do you think?

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