omg food: Homemade Bubble Tea (Attempt #2)

Yes, we all saw my failure last time. I used the wrong type of tapioca pearls (which took over an hour to cook and ended up being the smallest things ever). Therefore I have come to redeem myself!

With this bubble tea. Mmm it was so good. And the tapioca pearls cooked in about 10 minutes.

I got the right type this time. There were the regular black ones but then there were also green tea ones and rainbow colored ones. I just got the green tea ones and the regular black ones, but I’m definitely getting rainbow ones next time I go:)

Wow. And I was super amazed at how fast the tapioca pearls cooked and how fat they got. Haha. After the water boiled, I put the pearls in and voila. They all floated to the top and became huge. And then I put the lid on for about five minutes…and they were ready. Much better than when I was trying to frantically stir because the white ones wouldn’t float up and stuck at the bottom…yeah.

Then I just went and added like three spoonfuls of brown sugar to the drained pearls and let it sit until it got all gooey and syrupy. Then I took creamer and black tea and mixed it all together, spooning in tapioca pearls. I added a lot of brown sugar. Like. A lot. So then it actually tasted legit.

So lessons of the day. Use the actual tapioca pearls. Bubble tea places add a ton of sugar.

There will probably be a Attempt #3 soon about me trying to use rainbow pearls and how that went along:)

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