DIY: Cute Button Ribbon Bookmark


I wanted to make a really cute bookmark for my really cute planner. I think ribbons and buttons are cute separately, so using my insane mathematical skills I calculated that ribbons + buttons = ultimate cuteness.

Anyways. Enough weirdness. First of all, you need ribbon, a small button, and some thread.

First, sew the ribbon into a bow. Take the ribbon (don’t cut it off!) and make a loop by folding the top part over the other part. Make sure the insides of the ribbon are both facing you.

Next, push the middle of the loop that you just made over the criss-cross section. I don’t really know if I explained that super well but I hope you understood. Haha. SEW IT TOGETHER BEFORE IT COMES APART. This was the difficult part for me. The bow was so tiny that I had trouble keeping it in one piece while I sewed it together. But eventually I got it.

Cut off your bow and even out the edges and loops. Take a long piece of ribbon (you’re going to be using this as your bookmark, so make it as long as you want) and fold the end over the middle of the bow. Sew. Last of all, take your cute little button and sew it onto the middle of the bow. I really like pink on black for some reason. It reminds me of my old bookbag from this store that closed down a few years ago. Forgot what it was called.

Anyways. You can use it for books! And planners. Here’s my ribbon bookmark in action.

In my favoritest book ever. You can hang it over the top. Or…

You can put it at the bottom. Haha I tried to blur out some of the words because after I uploaded the photos onto the computer I realized there were some offensive words on there. But don’t let that stop you from reading The Catcher in the Rye. I feel like it’s super relatable and a lot of the stuff he talks about, even though it’s in a more coarse language, is stuff I sometimes wonder about myself.

In my planner!

In my planner, I just secured the end by loosely knotting the other end of the bookmark onto one of the spirals.

It would be a wonderful small gift as well. What do you think?

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