CHSN: Artifacts


This week I participated in a museum-type event where students make their own versions of artifacts and display them. If you remember my DIY Chinese Seal, that was for this project. I just wanted to share some pictures and what I learned from the event:) Note: all of these were made by actual high school students.


Here’s a Katana carved out of wood. The Katana was the samurai’s swords; they are curved and single-ended. The Katana represented the samurai’s honor, and before they surrendered, they would use their sword to commit suicide. :0 Super intense.


Here’s an example of an ancient Indus Valley seal. The writing of the Indus Valley people hasn’t been deciphered yet, and scholars still argue about the structure of the actual writing system.


This is the earthquake sensor that the ancient Chinese used. It was a hollow jug with dragons coming out of the sides: north, east, south, west, northeast, etc. There were frogs under each dragon, and each dragon had a ball in its mouth. Whenever there was an earthquake, the dragon facing the direction of the earthquake would drop its ball into the frogs mouth.


Here’s a Greek pot. The man on the front is making wine, so this pot is probably a wine jug.


And here’s oracle bones from the Shang Dynasty. These were used by the king, and cracks that appeared on the bone after fired would be read as signs from heaven.


Overall a lovely night:)

This post is part of series of posts called Confessions of a High School Nerd.


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