TOL: Avoiding Regret

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If you love someone, tell them before it’s too late.

Many times we have so many regrets in life, not just in love. That opportunity that you didn’t take. That goodbye that you didn’t say. That dress you decided to splurge on.
Everyone looks for love. If you find it, you’re lucky. Go ahead and say so.
I understand how there’s going to be times when you feel insecure and are afraid of how the other person will react. But even worse than the feeling of rejection is the feeling that you get when you realize that your chance is gone.


Hopefully if you feel like you love someone, you know them very well. Don’t say “I love you” when it’s only admiring from a distance, or just talking on the Internet. True love is being completely okay with all the other person’s imperfections, and being able to read them without them even telling you what’s wrong. Because if they love you back, they’re not going to want to hurt you with their pain.
So next time you find yourself truly open to that chance, that opportunity that everyone is looking for but you’re just so blessed to be able to find, take it. Buy that dress. Say that goodbye and add that you want to meet again. Apply for that job, even if you know you won’t get it. Say “I love you” to that special guy or girl that maybe wants to hear it, and if you’re lucky, will say it back.

This post is part of a series of posts called Thoughts on Life.


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