DIY: Christmas Gift Tags

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Christmas is almost here! Even though I had midterms all this week, I was forced to wrap presents for hours last weekend. Ugh. And I was given a severe lack of materials. I solved one problem though: gift tags.


I used my Martha Stewart Crafts green tinsel glitter. It’s amazing because it looks like tinsel…and it’s glitter:)

To make the gift tag, I just cut up nice, sturdy white paper and hole-punched the top. Then, you basically just draw out the shape you want…


Just glue to trace over it…card3

And whooshwhoosh pour glitter over the whole thing.

It would also be a good idea to write the person’s name on the back before you put on the glitter because then it won’t stick to the table-top and be ruined.


Ta-da! My glue kinda leaked together because my tag was so small, so the pattern didn’t come out exactly how I had wanted it to. But other than that I really liked them:) If you don’t want to handwrite “happy holidays” on it or “Merry Christmas!” or whatever other cheerful thing, you can actually just print it before you cut the tags out and have a nice printed out version.

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