Travel: Hominy Grill, SC

Ah…the best part about this winter break would have to be the food. I ate so much food it’s ridiculous. Then I bought myself a whole new workout outfit just to motivate myself to exercise this new year.


I traveled past South Carolina during my winter break travels, and went to eat at Hominy Grill, a Southern style restaurant famous for their grits. In fact, this little charming restaurant has been receiving a lot of media attention since it appeared on Food Network.


Not only was the food good, but the decor was really appealing and beautiful. The building that the restaurant is housed in used to be a barber shop, and you can see that because of recent business the restaurant has expanded a bit. The antique old ceiling fans, the framed pictures against the wall, and the handwritten menu board all add to its Southern charm.


For an appetizer, we tried their fried green tomatoes. Delicious. There was a slight sour taste and it was deliciously crispy. Their cornbread was delicious as well, so light that I couldn’t even spread butter on it without it crumbling. They also gave us boiled peanuts, which are not my favorite, but the rest of the party enjoyed them immensely.


For the main course, my party ordered shrimp with grits, their signature dish, a nasty bastard (excuse my language, but that’s actually what it was called…) which was essentially a biscuit with gravy and other delicious food piled all over it, fried chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and fries, a turkey burger, and pinto bean cakes.


I ate the fried chicken, which was sooo good. Like. It passed KFC chicken on my top-fried-chicken list. The mashed sweet potatoes were delicious as well.


And last of all, for dessert, we ordered the chocolate pudding and the buttermilk pie. Both were sublime, especially the pie. It was crumbly and had a lemon tart filling with whipped cream on top. This place is a definite stop-by on your next trip to the East coast, and best of all, it’s afforable as well as tasty. Five stars, and bon appetit!

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