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Having a friend is not only her being there for you, but you being there for her.

We’re all a little bit selfish, and sometimes we go through hard times and need a shoulder to cry on too. But when it’s all over and you’re happy, remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the world has brightened with you.

The strongest people out there are people who are the dumpsters for emotions, especially when they have problems of their own to handle. There’s also a point where they have to think a little more about themselves. It’s when friends reach a balance of mutual listening and talking.


Looking back on my life, I realized that so many things that I’ve complained about are so insignificant, especially when someone else was suffering and I wasn’t aware of it. What kind of friend was I? How did I not know?

I think a major part of growing up would have to be realizing that your problems aren’t the only problems in the world. Compassion. Understanding. Listening. All of these will make you into a better person. As a young girl still trying to understand the world, I think this is a good first step to take.

This post is part of series of posts called Thoughts on Life.


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