DIY: Stackable Rings

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Another tried-and-done DIY that I found on project 22: stackable rings.


I love these. Even hidden under my other, bigger gold rings with a little peeping out (referring to the chevron, not sure if you can see it in the picture) they add a nice touch. And did these with the wire that I bought for the name bracelets that I made earlier this week. :)

ring 2

Since my wire was thinner, I tried out this weird swirly thing. It wasn’t one of the rings on the tutorial on project 22 but I still like it.

Thinking about making MORE gold rings (I have a lot of silver jewelry, so it’s okay that I’m obsessing over gold right now. After all, life needs a nice balance between gold and silver jewelry, right? :)) with these small but beautiful rocks that I got last time I went to the mountains.

ring 3

On a side note, aren’t these rings beautiful? They’re a little extravagant for my taste in hand jewelry, but I would love them as earrings (I’m an earring fanatic).

Image from here.

I’m thinking about attempting some sort of DIY with these. It’s going to be a big project. But just as I weathered through all the much harder and much more serious events in my life, I will weather through this DIY and hopefully get it posted sometime soon.

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