DIY: Paper Chinese Lantern Necklace

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Chinese New Year is here again. To me, as a Chinese, it not only means money in red envelopes from all my relatives (MUHAHAHA), but also stress. Stress in the form of planning all these different crafts for different groups of people, from preschoolers to high schoolers.

For an upcoming festival, there will be a variety of people. I was going through Craftgawker (my new favorite site) when I came upon this cute little embroidery DIY. And then for some reason I thought of necklaces. Paper Chinese lantern necklaces.

This is mostly a craft for kids, but I thought I’d share it just in case any of our readers have children who would want to do something for Chinese New Year. Since I have about 4 more events to tend to, I’ll probably share a few more paper crafts in the course of the next few weeks :)

Materials Needed:
-yarn (I used brown and black)
-Sharpies or markers to decorate
-construction paper (I used red and brown)
-glue and tape
-circle container lid, or any other type of round stencil


1) Cut out a small piece of black yarn for the loop around the top of the lantern. Trace your round stencil on red construction paper twice, and cut out. Cut out two rectangles from the black paper as well.


2) Use your markers or Sharpies to decorate your lantern!


3) Glue the lantern together as shown above in the picture, but what I didn’t show is to add a piece of tape to hold the black yarn extra tight.


4) Glue the other side of the lantern onto the side with the yarn.


5) Add a brown piece of yarn to fit around your neck and you’re done!

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