DIY: Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

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Not a complete DIY, just an idea for something.

I’m hosting an event for elementary schoolers and wanted to give them a little surprise towards the end. So I put together these hong bao, or red envelopes. During Chinese New Year, adults always give children these red envelopes filled with money. Instead of money, I filled these with candy and a personalized message :)


-red envelopes (found some at my local Chinese market)
-candy, small enough to fit inside the envelopes
-red pen


1. Write out a personalized message on slips of paper. I just wrote “happy chinese new year <3” on each one.
2. In each envelope, put a piece of candy and a slip of paper.


All in all I made about sixty of these, haha. Busy day, busy day. Excited for tomorrow! We’ll be making paper dragons with the kids and doing the dragon dance. Happy Chinese New Year’s Eve today, and have a Happy Chinese New Year tomorrow!

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