DIY: Double Happiness Chinese Paper-cutting

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Ahh, last Chinese New Year event that my community service club is hosting tomorrow. And here is the craft that we’re doing — we’re going to cut “shuang xi,” or “double happiness.”

Chinese paper-cutting is a huge thing; they’re used as decorations for Chinese New Year, a symbol of happiness at weddings (which is what we’re doing; I thought it might be a bit more appropriate since it just was Valentines’ Day), or just as an amazing art form. Last time I went to China, I saw a paper-cutting master make the most precise strokes. Simply amazing.


This one is relatively easy. First, take a sheet of paper (you can use origami paper or I just used and am going to use regular construction). It can be either square or rectangular. It doesn’t matter. If you do rectangular your double happiness word is just going to be longer, but the step process is the same. Take your sheet of paper and fold it in half hotdog-style, and then fold it again in half hotdog-style.

Here’s where origami paper comes into use. You can either fold it into like 64 pieces or just trace a paper. I just used this paper and free-drew it before cutting. The dark, shaded areas indicate where you need to cut (the picture is above).


Cut there, and ta-da! You have your beautiful double happiness.

You can also go the extra step and make special designs with it instead of just using boring old rectangles. This one I did with a square sheet of pink paper and cut hearts and rounded the corners.


Have fun cutting!

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