DIY: Paper Diamond

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Here’s another tried DIY from Design and Form–a paper diamond.


Turned out lovely, though the middle part didn’t quite match up. Practice makes perfect. Sadly, it took me forever to figure out that when the instructions said “repeat the steps to create the other half of the diamond” to take another sheet of paper and repeat from step 1. I kept trying to repeat the previous step on the current half in my hand.


Not really sure what to do with a paper diamond, but I imagine if I made it out of cardstock or something and large enough, it could be a table centerpiece near some statues or something in the home. Or maybe I could make a string of them and hang them up in my room. Or maybe as Christmas ornaments if I draw a design on them right.


I’m kinda thinking my failure in the middle of the process was probably due to the fact that I was simultaneously watching Say Yes to the Dress while trying to follow the instructions at the same time. After finishing Sherlock (well, at least the seasons that are out, I heard there’s going to be more coming out!) I went on to finish Dr. Who (because I kinda stopped watching after I discovered Sherlock) but then for some reason the sci-fi got a little too creepy for my sister so we then reverted to a more kid-friendly show. Wow. I really tend to babble. Sorry. And also, for those who enjoy the Confessions of a High School Nerd or Thoughts on Life posts, sorry they haven’t really been appearing recently. Life is much too busy to talk about sad things. If you notice, I think Thoughts on Life posts only appear when one of us is either 1) depressed; or 2) complaining.

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