DIY: Doodled Coke Bottle

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Coke Factory momento — a nice, cute, old-fashioned glass Coke bottle. This bottle is back from when eves’ and I went to the Coke Factory during the summer. Which I thought would be perfect for tonight.


Did I also mention today was eves’ birthday? We’re going out to eat Italian tonight :) So for her present (well part of it), I decided to give her back this nice little memory of Atlanta, especially since we barely see each other anymore.


Basically what I did was just took some Sharpies and just plain doodled all over the whole darn thing. Because I was hungry at that time, I just Googled “food doodles” and started drawing. And for some reason some little chicks just decided to make their way onto the glass.

Getting older. I don’t know if many people realize until they’re quite old how precious youth and time are. Which is why my mom jokes that men are never eager to get married but women want to settle down quickly before they get old haha. She’s recently really been into lecturing me a lot about this kind of future stuff even though I don’t want to think about it, even though I want to stay in this blissful state of just stress about school and maybe some other small, trifling problems. Just stay and have time to wonder at how beautiful everything is. Birthdays are always so sentimental to me. It’s so hard to believe that when I was just a young kid that I was always so eager for my birthday to come, for those birthday presents and cutting the cake and blowing out the candles and maybe even accidentally hitting myself instead of the piñata. But now…I don’t know. Is it too early for me to be thinking these thoughts? As a high-schooler? Just something that haunts me in my thoughts.

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