Travel: Corner Bakery Cafe, DC

So in the big cities for spring break. Decided to start this new series called “Travel.” Banner won’t come up until later this month. I thought I would start out with this quaint bakery/cafe that I chanced upon in DC called Corner Bakery Cafe (but apparently they have them everywhere). It’s kind of like Panera Bread style, free wifi, good meeting place. They have killer paninis for breakfast. Haven’t been there for lunch yet, but I’ll search around my home now that I’m back.


Sorry for no food pictures…was so hungry that by the time that I pulled out my camera, everything was gone. Pinky swear that there will be food pictures later! But just to show the general atmosphere…




More photo travel entries coming up. I’ve decided that I’m going to try not to blabber blabber on these travel posts. If I could, I would probably go on and on about the history behind everywhere that we went, stuff that I’ve learned, how much I’d like to move there, etc etc.

But seriously. New goal: try to find a Corner Bakery Cafe that isn’t on a corner. :)

This post is part of a series of posts called Travel.


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