DIY: Dress-Making, Part I

I’m now ready to move my DIY skills to another level. Bingo. Dress-making.

Well I guess I’ve made a few dresses, but they don’t really…count. It’s mostly been modification of other dresses that I’ve bought, except for this one dress where I bought curtain material and even though that didn’t really matter in the long wrong because I made one shoulder lower than the other.


I really just want to make a nice, flowly, off-white long dress to wear for spring. So here goes Step 1. Planning.

I have no idea how long I spent just looking at pictures of flowy white dresses. I mean, they’re gorgeous. Here were my inspirations (really out of the millions of dresses I’ve looked out, these two popped out):

IMG_8914From Kryz Uy of Thirstythought

CaptureFrom Hedvig W

After I got the basic concept down, I went and bought $30 of material. And that was with a coupon. I decided on a mix of the two dresses. You’ll see the shape as I (hopefully) continue making it. As for now, see a preview of the material! Right now I’m just wondering when I’m going to have time to do this, or even when I’m going to start, especially with all the work that teachers are dishing out.


Idk if you can tell but it’s shiny. And soft.

Btw Part II will probably not come on in a while because I will be fiercely studying APs, finals, and SAT IIs. Fun stuff.



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