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I saw this great idea from deliciousness and decided to try it out. Since many of my friends are graduating, I decided a hand-written letter along with a graduation gift would make it ten-times more special. So here it goes!

You can use any photo, but for the sake of example I decided to try out this simple orchid picture I took yesterday. Here is the original picture:


1) Open Microsoft Word. If your photo is landscape like mine, I would suggest changing the orientation of your page to landscape as well.
2) Right-click, “Wrap Text,” and select “Tight.” Move the picture where you want it to go.
3) Right-click, “Format Picture.” Click on “Picture Color,” and under “Recolor Presents” select “Washout.”
4) Lastly, to make the edges not seem as harsh, click on “Soft Edge Rectangle.”
5) Either print out and handwrite, or type over in a cute font. :) Here’s what the final looks like for me:


You can also make the photo black and white to make it look more vintage. Or you could try the multiple free effects offered at places like PicMonkey and whitewash those out. Have fun personalizing!

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