DIY: The Beginnings of a Masquerade Mask


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I am very excited to say that I will be attending a masquerade ball this summer. Unfortunately my mom said no more dress-buying, so I rummaged through my closet and came up with a little black dress. Perfect. I think some people are going all ball gown style but we have to work with what we have, right?

Next, I was thinking about my mask. I wanted it to be lacey, small, and mysterious to match my LBD. So ta-da, the beginnings of a DIY appeared.

Now you may ask why I titled this “the beginnings” of a masquerade mask. That’s because I haven’t actually finished it…or figured out how to put it on my face. I’m thinking fashion tape to stick in on my cheek but that’s a little tacky. Also, if I’m gonna be dancing, I don’t want to hold it up on a stick. And a string around my hair is not the best idea. So I’ll be working on that on the weeks to my masquerade ball. But since I’ve already finished the mask part, I wanted to share some do’s and don’t’s…in case you ever find yourself in the same situation as me.


1) Cut out a lace appliqué. Or you can buy one from a store. I just took some lace tablecloth and cut it out in the shape that I wanted on my face.


2) Color it black. I did so to match my dress.


3) Modge podge it over. I did this to make it more stiff…but I guess if you’re gonna fashion tape it on your face you should probably skip this step.


4) Add some sort of glitter! Here’s the part I would do over. I was absolutely too lazy to go to the store and buy actual glitter dust, so I just took my eyeshadow and popped some over the whole thing. It looked good last night…but this morning after it dried…well, you’ll see.


5) Diamonds, anyone?


Let it dry completely. Here’s the final look! It didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted it to, but oh well, worth a shot anyways.

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