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Hello, fabulous readers! I know the holiday season is pretty much over by now, but maybe this will come in handy later on this year. I made a lot of homemade holiday cards for my friends this season, because I think it’s fun and it makes the gift more personal.

These are my materials: scrapbooking paper/cardstock, a paper cutter, scissors, tape, glue, ribbon, pens, and a pencil.


Here are the instructions for one of the cards that I made:

  1. Cut a 15×15″ sheet of blue cardstock/scrapbooking paper in half, and then fold it in half again (hamburger way).
  2. Trace the folded blue square onto the brown paper so that you can see how much room you have for the owl.
  3. Draw the owl’s body and the head. Make it as big as you want, but be sure to leave enough room height-wise for the hat on the owl’s head the feet at the bottom. Tip: When you draw the body, include a long rectangle behind it that you can attach the head to. This will make it easier to glue together, and it will look the same. Sorry for the bad picture, but the top one is the “head” and the bottom one is the “body.” The part of the “body” that dips inwards (the part on the right) is what will be covered up by the head once it is glued together.IMG_1114
  4. Cut out the outlines of the body and the head. Attach the head to the body.
  5. Trace the entire owl onto the color of paper that you will put on top of the brown. Use the outline as a guide for the sections of the colored paper that you want. In my picture, I cut along the dotted lines. IMG_1115
  6. Cut out the colored sections of the head and body. Glue them onto the brown owl.IMG_1117
  7. All we have left are the smaller details: you’ll need a red hat, a white trim and pom-pom type thing to decorate the hat, black circles for the eyes, a diamond for the nose, and 2 small 3-toed feet.
  8. Once you cut out everything, glue it onto the owl.IMG_1120
  9. Color in the eyes (I used a silver sharpie, but if you don’t have one, just cut out small white circles).
  10. Draw on small v’s or u’s as the feather texture on the owl’s body.IMG_1122

Now the hard part is done! Once you’ve finished the owl, trace the folded blue card onto the white paper so that you know how wide your “snowbank” needs to be. Draw a curvy line for the snowbank and cut it out.

I put 3 decorations on the inside of my card: a paper snowflake and 2 Christmas tree ornaments.

For the snowflake: I wanted to back my snowflake on some patterned scrapbook paper, so first I cut out that square so that my snowflake would be the right size. Then I just googled “paper snowflake pattern” and went on Google Images to find one that I liked. This pattern is one that I used a few times because it’s simple and clear, and it’s easy to add to. It was a little bit hard to glue the snowflake onto the scrapbook paper I used as the “background” because of all the holes in the snowflake, but with patience I eventually got enough small sections of the snowflake sticky enough to stay down.

For the tree ornaments: These are the outlines of my two ornaments. One is just a circle (I traced a bowl) with a rectangle on top, and the other is just sort of teardrop shape. Once you draw them, cut them out and wrap two lines of ribbon around them, taping the excess in the back to attach the ribbon. Then take another section of ribbon and glue one end face down on the back at the top of each ornament; this is the “string” that the ornament “hangs” from.

Now you have all the sections of the card! Glue the ornaments onto the inside right section of the card and wrap the ribbon that the ornament “hangs” from onto the back of the card and tape it down. Glue the snowflake on the patterned paper down onto the inside left side of the card. And finally, glue the snowbank onto the front and then glue or tape the penguin (it might need tape since it’s a little heavier) on top of the snowbank. Hooray!

IMG_1124 IMG_1126

I wrote “happy holidays” on my cards, but you can write anything you like. I wrote the personal message on the inside of the card on the two ornaments. I like this font for writing on the front of the card–it’s pretty and fun. I usually don’t do the “calligraphy” part though, because I never have enough room.

And there you have it! Homemade holiday cards! I just love love love making cards for people. I also made a penguin card, a bird card, and an elephant card (animals are just so cute! I can’t help myself!). Have fun spreading the love!

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