DIY: Amigurumi Tarepanda

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This is the cutest little panda I have ever seen. Found an amigurumi pattern for it here and decided to try it out over the summer (yes, long time ago).


I would have more pictures of it…except that it’s in a time capsule somewhere. This summer, at camp, we decided to make a time capsule and could add anything we wanted, and so I put my little panda in there to await 30 years later.

30 years later…it’s crazy to think that the people who are gonna open the time capsule aren’t even alive right now. I’ll be almost 50 (which is a really scary thought) and will either have a thriving family or will just be caught in the daily rounds of going to work and coming home to my cats. Either one will be ok, I guess.

This post is part of a series of posts called DIY.
[Photo credit to my friend Julianne…I actually don’t have a picture of my panda.]


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