about the girls sitting on the brain tree

hils, eves, elles, and purplepenned writer are high schoolers currently. even though they live completely different lives in completely different places, they still talk every day about everything there is possibly to talk about. they just recently decided to create a blog to symbolize these conversations together, an amalgam of weird, happy, hopeful, depressed, and angry. below are short autobios written by each of them.

hi :) i’m eves. i’m a girl with dreams that are bigger than life. i am overly ambitious and i want many many things, but mostly, i just want to be happy. i’m slightly weird and very crazy, because i mean, fitting in is boring. i live recklessly, i love with all my heart, i laugh until it hurts, i cry for no reason at all, i say stupid things that i probably shouldn’t, i jump headfirst without thinking, but hey, life is short, so might as well live it up! i love good food and shopping and books, and i can’t function without the people i love who are there for me every step of the way. anyways. here are my thoughts on life! hope you enjoy reading :)

hi i’m hils, and i guess my life motto is “people are complicated.” it may seem like they’re one thing, but then they turn out to be another. it may feel like something, but then it turns out to be nothing. i look upon life as logical in an illogical sort of way, and sometimes, when i don’t feel like interacting in the world, i like to blog a few posts about diy and stuff, get my mind off things. but when i start analyzing feelings, that’s where the series tol (thoughts on life) and chsn (confessions of a high school nerd) come into play.

hayyy guys, it’s elles. i’ve always hated writing bios, because i never know what to say about myself. i could say i’m that athletic girl, who loves playing out in the sun, or i could say i’m that girl with big dreams and a big heart. i’m constantly thinking about my future and who i want to be, but i can never myself to pull through with those plans. i guess you could say i’ve lived a regretful life, but i’m ready to change that. as i start applying for colleges, i feel as if this blog will help me relieve all the stress and feelings i have. pause, what stress? before you think i’m this overemotional teenager, please know that i am far from stressed, emotional even. anyways, on a lighter note, i’m crazy. i love hanging out with my friends and joking with them, laughing until a six-pack forms perfectly on my stomach. i guess whatever i end up doing, i just want to be happy. but really, i’m ready for a change.


side note: we try to post at least one blog post every week on a rotating basis.


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