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click on any of the banners below to find posts in the related series. below each banner is also a short description and some amusing stories related to the creation of the series :) enjoy.

one of hils’s favorite things to do is to use ordinary, inexpensive things that she finds around her house and make them into something that would probably cost 3x as much in a store. want to know more? read her DIY posts.

Confessions of a High School Nerd
Ins and outs of high school life. Even if you’re not a nerd, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to a lot of the posts in this series (we’re sorry if a lot of them are girl-oriented because we all, um, happen to be girls. So we know quite a bit on that end but not as much on the other side. But if any of you wish to enlighten us on the other side, feel free to in the comments!).

thoughts on life
this blog series has to deal with–you guessed it–thoughts on life. going along with the stereotype that teenagers are volatile and emotional, this series goes more into depth on the brains of our three bloggers.
there’s actually an interesting conversation that went along with the naming of this series. here it is.

eves: maybe mine will be called “thoughts on life” until i get randomly inspired with something better.
hils: ok. TOL.
eves: i’ll just keep it simple for now
hils: too often liked LOLOLOL
eves: tango off limos
hils: tasting ostrich limbs
eves: towel order limes
hils: tasering offduty librarians
eves: twins on lemurs. tables often lie
hils: totally over lamebutts
eves: you go girlll

omg food.
eves and hils have a lot in common…but this has to be the ultimate one. their daily conversations are often interrupted by an occasional “i’m hungry” from either end (but mostly from eves). an example would be like this:

hils: i’m so sad and everything. i wish i could understand what’s going on.
eves: i’m hungry.


eves: yeah i agree.


hils: hmm lolol.
eves: hold on brb i’m going to make some waffles.

feel the same way about food? i think you’ll like this series. :)

i have a dream…to travel the world. yes.

Artistic Inclinations
poetry, artwork, prose…you name it. all here.


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